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Service Your Room Gas Heater 

For Only $165+GST 

And watch it run smoothly & efficiently 

while your gas bills goes down


Dirty Gas Heater

Like most appliances, your gas heaters tend to be neglected and forgotten until something goes wrong or they stop working as they should.


After some time they can become inefficient, unreliable and may even pose a safety hazard if not serviced regularly.


Your gas heater should be serviced at least once every two years. If it is more than 10 years old, then it should be serviced annually. 


Common Issues when heaters are not not serviced regularly


Air filters, fans and burners can become clogged by lint and dust, which may lead to overheating and burner problems.

Wear & Tear

Safety controls can wear out and fail posing significant safety hazards to you and your loved ones.


Connections and hoses need to be checked and tested for leakages to ensure optimal operational efficiency and safety.

Bring it in to us for a service if ...

Plumber pointing
It's Never Been Serviced

You’ve never serviced it since purchase (2 years or more) or it's been 2 years since the last service.

It Needs A Tune Up
  • You notice a build-up of dust and lint.
  • Kept in storage and you're not sure of its current condition.
  • You want it to function well & efficiently.
It Has Operational Issues

You fire it up and notice the following:


  • The pilot light blows out frequently or ‘pops’ while being lit.
  • Yellow, red or sooty flame.
  • Signs of heat damage on the heater panels.
  • There’s an acrid smell or eye irritation.
  • You can smell gas (CRITICAL!)

Don't put up with a sluggish, gas guzzling, 

under performing (maybe even faulty) 

gas heater any longer!


Get It Serviced With Dorrington's Today

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gas heater service


A Complete Gas Heater Service and Cleanup for only $165+GST*

Terms & Conditions apply

*Price does not include parts or any extra works required. Valid for drop-ins and pick-ups at our warehouse in Jolimont only. No on-site servicing available. Please call in or contact us via the form below first.

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"Exceptional customer service. Honest and trustworthy. Took my cheap gas heater for a service and was told they can possibly fix it, but there's a good chance because of the model and age, it wouldn't work. I will be back to service my new heater purely for the confidence I have in this company."

Tegan Robertson
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