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What Is An Electrical Safety Check And Why Do I Need One?


An electrical safety check is the process of making sure electrical circuits and equipment in the home or business are functioning properly and safely. Any irregularities and potential problems are identified, highlighted and reported so that these issues can be rectified immediately.

Just like your car, appliances and even buildings, electrical systems do age and degrade over time with wear and tear. In fact, faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of fires in homes or businesses all over the country. For the safety and wellbeing of your property and its occupants, we highly recommend a well-planned electrical safety check at regular intervals. A scheduled electrical safety inspection not only reduces fire risks but may lead to more efficient use of energy which will indirectly translate to lower power bills.

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IMPORTANT! Please Read If You Are A Landlord or a Real Estate Agent


If you are a landlord or an authorised real estate agent, you have a legal obligation to ensure that your home or the property you lease out is safe for your tenants. Property owners are required to get an Electrical Safety Certificate in WA to proof that the property they are renting out (or selling) is safe and compliant with the latest WA Electrical Safety Standards.

When Should I Get A Electrical Safety Check?

If Your Property Is Old

If you have a property that's more than 25 years old, the wiring is probably old and needs to be inspected for signs of wear, tear and compliance.

If Your Lights or Appliances Are Operating Erratically

Do your lights flicker and your appliances work in a weird way? Time for a check.

If You're Selling or Renting Out Your Property

You are intending to sell or rent out your property, then you are legally required to obtain an electrical safety certificate to prove that your property is safe.

If You'd Like To Assess The Condition Of Your Electrical System

If you have never done an inspection before and just want to have peace of mind and minimise the risk of having a faulty electrical system.

Get A Complete & Comprehensive Electrical Inspection

& Certification Today!

What You're Getting When You Book An Electrical Safety Check With Us

Comprehensive Electrical Inspection

  •  Inspection of down lights to ensure full fire protection.
  • Inspection of roof space and switchboard for compliance and safety.
  • Testing and inspection of protective earthing system.
  • Visual inspection of switches and electrical fittings & fixtures
  • Check that fixed electrical equipments are operating
  • Ensure that a front security light is installed and working
  • Detailed photographic report and an electrical safety certificate will be provided.

Smoke Alarm Maintenance

  • Ensure smoke alarm locations comply with the Building Code of Australia.
  • Ensure smoke alarms are less than 10 years old (date is recorded and owner notified when replacement is due)
  • Check that the smoke alarms are permanently connected to power mains.
  • Cleaning of the alarm vents.
  • Smoke and decibel testing.
  • Replacement of 9V batteries.

RCD Maintenance

  • Check that the correct number of RCDs are installed as per the AS/NZ 3000:2018 regulations.
  • Ensure RCD tripping times don't exceed the limits specified in the above regulation
  • Ensure RCDs operate well when tested.
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"We have used Dorrington's many times for our plumbing needs but this time we wanted some electrical work done (lights, heat fan & power point). Dorrington's quote was very competitive. So Sam & team showed up on time and they did an excellent job. Thanks guys."

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"Outstanding service again as usual. Sam came over on time and replaced a faulty light switch with no fuss. Friendly and efficient service. Would highly recommend these guys anytime."

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"Our thanks and positive feedback to Blake the electrician for his excellent work, choice of lights and great care in completing the work! We would not hesitate in recommending him to family, friends or neighbours."

Rom & Jan
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"Dan and Jesse installed some lights and data cables through the house. Excellent service, great quality work. Very highly recommended!"

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"After having some sparkies in where everything was too hard and big $$, Blake came in and sorted out all of our problems for a very reasonable price. Can't recommend highly enough."

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