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How to fix noisy pipes

Why Your Water Pipes Are Noisy and How To Shut Them Up!

So imagine this scenario, you’ve just spent the last hour trying to put your restless toddler to bed and now that your little pumpkin is fast asleep, you feel you can now have that glass of water that you so desperately need but WAIT…

You know the moment you turn on those taps, your entire house is going to erupt into a chorus of rattle, sounds and din like a symphony orchestra gone wrong…and wake your little one up from slumber.

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Leaking tap

How much water are you wasting from your leaking tap?

Right, for my first post, I thought that I might begin with a subject which we sometimes take for granted: Water. The transparent fluid which we drink, cook with, take our bath, wash our cars and water our gardens with, etc. As Australians we know that our water is an extremely precious commodity. We are after all the world’s second driest continent after Antartica with an average annual rainfall below 600mm over 80% of our land (source: Australian Bereau of Statistics); which is kind of strange seeing that we are surrounded by sea all around but that’s how it is.

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